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Services offered include general estate planning, special needs planning, and estate/trust administration.

Everyone Needs - and Deserves - an Estate Plan!

Many people think that they do not need to bother with an estate plan because they do not have a large "estate." This is not true! Everyone, whether their estate is low in value or worth millions of dollars, needs to have a plan for the future, and that plan should be personally tailored for that person's circumstances.  You need and deserve to have a plan for your future and the future of your family!

What an Estate Plan Typically Includes

       - Trust (commonly used to avoid Probate)

       - Will

       - Advance Health Care Directive (everyone needs this)

       - Power of Attorney (financial)

       - Funding documents (for the trust)

       - Nomination of Guardian (for minor children)

       - Nomination of Conservator (in the event of incapacity)

Special Needs Planning

In addition to the above, if there is an heir or beneficiary with special needs who is or may be receiving needs-based government benefits, the estate plan might also include a Special Needs Trust ("SNT") to enhance the quality of life for the special needs person without compromising or reducing his or her government benefits.  Even if the person does not receive needs-based benefits, a trust might be desired to help manage the beneficiary's affairs.  If this situation applies to your family, please contact me to get additional information. 

Estate and Trust Administration

When a family member passes away, oftentimes the surviving spouse and children are too overcome with grief and other emotions to take care of the tasks that are required by law and the tasks to carry out the wishes of the deceased.  A good estate attorney can help lighten your load during this trying time and help guide you in your position as executor and/or trustee.

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